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Community Validators

A community validator is typically someone working with an individual or family who can verify their need and eligibility for assistance from Womenade, and who will make the request for assistance on their behalf, such as social service organizations, town welfare departments, a doctor or nurse, or a school guidance counselor or nurse.


We regret that we cannot review requests made by people on behalf of themselves, nor requests from friends, or vendors to be paid (i.e., a landlord). Validators are an important piece of our "puzzle" because they are the ones that make sure that Womenade doesn't duplicate the efforts of the other wonderful organizations in our community.


Validators also provide us with the information we need to make an informed and timely decision. Once all the information we need has been received, Board members will vote on the request for assistance and get back to the validator once a decision has been made. Most of our correspondence will take place through email, however in order to move the process forward, we may contact the validator directly via phone.

If you are a validated community resource in Exeter, Stratham, Kensington, East Kingston, Brentwood or Newfields, and would like to refer a community member in need, please fill out one of our online request forms.

Who is Womenade?

Who is Womenade?

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