Host a Grateful Gathering

Throw a party — giving can be social!

If you have always wanted to support Womenade here's an easy way …

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host or attend a Grateful Gathering!

Since Womenade of Greater Squamscott was established in 2005, small house gatherings and group events (coffee gatherings, barn parties, bowling nights, soup nights, etc.) have been held regularly to raise both awareness and funds for the great work that we do in our very own community. We would like to revisit this type of intimate gathering on a more regular basis … but with a fresh, new spin on it!

With Grateful Gatherings, you have the option of planning an event from scratch (think of it as a wonderful opportunity to plan a night together with friends, family or neighbors), or simply allow us to join in on a gathering that you already have in place. Do you have a Monthly Book Club? Neighborhood Meeting? PTO Meeting? Runner’s Club? Mom’s Morning Coffee? Weekly Yoga Class?  

Invite us to your next event to share the Womenade story, so that your guests know how they may be able to help change the lives of people in need right here in their local community.  Maybe someone in your group is a potential validator who can help us financially assist more people that are in need.  Maybe someone in your group is able to volunteer their area of expertise or service to our all-volunteer board of directors.  Maybe someone in your group has been looking for a local non-profit organization to financially support.  Or maybe you have guests that just would love to know what good is happening in the community around them and also would like to share our story with others.

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