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jenn winder

Jennifer has a Masters of Public Health in Health Education and Health Behavior from the University of Michigan.  She combined her educational background with her love for fly-fishing and helped found Casting for Recovery, a fly-fishing retreat for women recovering from breast cancer.


After living in Ohio, Michigan, Alaska, Washington, Vermont, and Oregon, Jennifer and her husband, Tom Kunysz, left the fly-fishing industry in 2005 to settle in New Hampshire with their four small children and purchase a small, local business.

When she’s not busy with her teenagers, Jennifer enjoys gardening, herbal medicine, cooking and learning new things. 

Jennifer is also a member of the leadership group for the new Summit Natural Foods store in Exeter. 

I first discovered Womenade in 2018 when our house was a stop on the Exeter Holiday House Tour. I was drawn to the mission of Womenade, and to the wonderful women who donated their time to support it. Early the next year, I was thrilled to be able to join them!

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