As board members, we're lucky to get to read the thank you notes that come from those YOU'VE HELPED over the past 14 years. Here are a few we'd like to share.

Dear Friends of Womenade,

Recently you responded to my request for a sturdy blue wagon to carry my original artwork to venues and agricultural fairs. This sketch and note are sent with my deep appreciation. This well-constructed cart makes the logistics of my endearvors much less stressful, both physically and emotionally!

I am a disabled woman, and moving my heavy framed artwork from place to place has been quite daunting. Your kindess has moade myy plans to epand my horizons do-able in a way most folks might not even think of.

Thank you for pushing away a a barrier which enables me to pull into a bigger future!

Sincerely, AMW

Dear Friends of Womenade,

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Sincerely, AMW

The idea is simple, the impact is immeasurable.

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