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How We Help

We consider requests for assistance from community validators – for example, school staff, social service providers, or clergy. Validators provide us with information with which we can determine whether Womenade is the appropriate source of assistance and then vote as a Board on that request.

We regret that we cannot process requests directly from individuals needing assistance. If you are a validator,

please click here for our request forms. You can find a checklist of details we need to consider a request as well.


Womenade was founded with the belief that members of our community want to help, but often aren't aware of the small needs that individuals or families face. By bringing together those that wish to help strengthen and stabilize their community with those in need, Womenade serves to redefine "extended family" to include friends, neighbors and members of the general community.


Womenade of Greater Squamscott supports the geographic area defined by the Exeter High School district (SAU 16). That is, we prioritize our assistance to people and families in Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Kensington, Newfields and Stratham. We consider out of area requests on a case by case basis.

Click here for links to other area Womenade organizations

We are not a long-term solution. We fulfill short-term needs that may make a difference in the quality of someone's life, in the interest of a stronger community. We want to help take care of our neighbors, friends, and their children.

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